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Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream “Dondurma” was first made by people in the Maras region of Turkey. Dondurma is distinguished from other ice cream types by two unique qualities; resistance to melting and a rich chewy texture that is due to the inclusion of mastic resin and a natural thickening agent made from the root of Turkish orchids called Sahlep.

In keeping with the traditions of, we employ the same techniques and use nothing but the very best, all-natural ingredients in producing our dondurma.

Our adherence to deeply rooted traditions is not limited to production techniques but also to the serving etiquettes which include a number of heartwarming tricks and playful teasing treats that create a joyous ambiance among customers while being served


Turkish Baklava

Baklava is a rich sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup. Baklava is characteristic of the cuisine of the former Ottoman Empire.

The current form of Baklava had been developed in the imperial kitchens of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul and was mostly consumed during the holy month of Ramadhan.

MARAS TURKA Baklava is prepared by master chefs “ustas“ who strive to apply the highest techniques and not accept but the finest filo with the best quality nuts, butter, and special sugar syrup (Sherbet). Due to the interplay of these delicate ingredients and techniques, MARAS TURKA Baklava retains its crispy texture and delicious taste. MARAS TURKA offers 6 different baklava varieties packed in 2 kg metal trays.


Turkish Pastries

MARAS TURKA offers different types of frozen raw pastry products which include Simit (a circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds), Acma, Pogaca (Soft Breads) and borek (a pastry made of thin flaky dough known as “filo” or “yufka”) stuffed with different rich savory and sweet fillings.

These tasty pastries are found across the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. We in MARAS TURKA sell these delicious pastries as a new flavor for those who look for healthy and satisfying good food in lieu of prepackaged sandwiches.


Traditional oven sweets

Oven-hot sweets are pastries that are baked fresh upon order and soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup. The history of these traditional oven-hot sweets goes back to the Ottoman era and is known as Kunafa and Katmer.

Containing all-natural and finest ingredients MARAS TURKA oven-hot sweets are prepared in portion sizes and packed in hygienic parcels. These sweets could be cooked either on the stove or baked in a hot oven.

Serving these sweets topped with MARAS TURKA Ice Cream gives extra flavor to the eating experience.


Turkish Delight

The word “Lokum” - Turkish Delight was derived from the word “Rahat- ul hukum” which means “makes the throat comfortable”. The Lokum is a confectionery that has been known since the 15th century in Anatolia and became widely available in the 17th century in Ottoman Empire

Lokum – Turkish Delight used to be produced with the combination of honey, grape molasses, and flour is, now produced with refined sugar starch, flavors, nuts, and chocolates.

Thanks to the best quality ingredients used in the production, MARAS TURKA offers premium quality Turkish Delights that have exceptional taste and texture.



MARAS TURKA offers traditional hot & cold drinks; the original Turkish tea brewed in Turkish Tea boilers and pots, Natural Lemonade prepared from additive-free concentrate made from Turkey’s best juicy lemons; as well as perfectly roasted Traditional Turkish Coffee which has a rich taste and special flavor.




Turkısh Ice Cream Station

We in MARAS TURKA provide specially designed ice cream selling stations containing our bestselling ice-cream products. Our Ice cream is served to by passer individuals by staff dressed in traditional Ottoman-style clothing who play certain heartwarming tricks and playful teasing treats that create a joyous ambiance among customers. MARAS TURKA may delegate its own sales staff to perform such sales, it also may train staff of the clients to perform sale activity as requested by such clients.

Please speak to our sales representative for further details and pricing.


Kunafa Station

Maras Turka provides state of art kunafa stations made out of hand-decorated copper and equipped with gas or electricity stove options. Our Kunafa station adds a traditional ambiance to any corporate event and surely will attract a great deal of attention wherever it is placed.

MARAS TURKA offers these stations to leading hotels and restaurants along with a team of experienced staff. Training courses also are among our activities whereby we train the staff of our clients to be able to cook and serve our Kunafa.

Please check with our sales representative for short or long-term kunafa station contracts.