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  • Location - 2 Dubia Festival City
  • Location - 3 DWTC
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MarasTurka Stations

Add extra flavor to your important events with famous ice cream served with joyful tricks and shows, delicious Kunafa, Baklava and unique beverages like Turkish Tea, Turkish Coffee and Turkish Sahlep all of which are prepared and served in front of your guests through our stations.

Maras Turka provides all inclusive event services to your events. We provide manning, product and add extra value to your events with our unique products and special services. Please fill in below enquiry form for further information.

Ice Cream Station

We in MARAS TURKA provide specially designed ice cream selling stations containing our bestselling ice-cream products. Our Ice cream is served to by passer individuals by staff dressed in traditional Ottoman-style clothing who play certain heartwarming tricks and playful teasing treats that create a joyous ambiance among customers. MARAS TURKA may delegate its own sales staff to perform such sales, it also may train staff of the clients to perform sale activities as requested by such clients.

Please speak to our sales representative for further details and pricing.
Horeca & Sales - Selçuk TURTUR - horeca@marasturka.com

Kunafa Station

Maras Turka provides state of art kunafa stations made out of hand-decorated copper and equipped with gas or electricity stove options. Our Kunafa station adds a traditional ambiance to any corporate event and surely will attract a great deal of attention wherever it is placed. MARAS TURKA offers these stations to leading hotels and restaurants along with a team of experienced staff. Training courses also are among our activities whereby we train the staff of our clients to be able to cook and serve our Kunafa. Please check with our sales representative about long- term or event-based cooperations..
Horeca & Sales - Selçuk TURTUR - horeca@marasturka.com

Turkish Coffee Station

Another state-of-the-art station that Maras Turka offers is a hand-decorated, copper Turkish Coffee Station. Cooking Turkish Coffee in sand enriches the texture of the coffee, and makes it extra foamy. Maras Turka offers a turnkey solution with the Turkish Coffee stations.
Below is the list of what we offer with the station;
- Copper-plated Turkish Coffee sand cooker,
- Copper cooking pots,
- Copper-plated Turkish Coffee sets,
- The Original Turkish Coffee Powder,
- Premium Quality Turkish Delights to serve with the coffee.

Please contact our sales team for long-term or event-based cooperation..
Horeca & Sales - Selçuk TURTUR - horeca@marasturka.com


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